2020 Eyewear Trends

Another new year is almost upon us. Which means it’s the perfect time to revamp your look and your eyewear game. We’re as keen as mustard to bring you the latest designs in fashionable eyewear as we head into 2020. So we thought, why not get the inside scoop on this year’s eyewear trends directly from the horse’s mouth? Or rather from our lovely partnered brands.

We reached out to a few of our favourite brands. Here’s what they had to say on the subject of eyewear trends for 2020.

Gotti Switzerland

“With our titanium glasses we see the trends going back to the so called micro shapes which appear surprisingly reserved on the face, and capture the zeitgeist perfectly.
With a loving reduction of presence and narrow shapes, the finesse and the personality behind the glasses take center stage. The collection leaves ample room for delicate details and emphasizes individual character. A stylistically confident homage to individual identity without distracting from the essential – careful crafted from the finest Japanese titanium.

When it comes to our acetate trends it’s all about feminine and pure 50s design. Extravagance is created by rendering a style of the 50s into Götti’s reduced design language. A pair of glasses which exudes familiarity yet suggests the open road. A closer look reveals the detailed workmanship. The temple and its subtle connection with the front radiates incredible lightness. Hand polishing provides a shiny, glowing finish.”


“Year on year, the awareness and resurgence of vinyl records gathers momentum. We see no reason that this will change in 2020. Vinylize optical frames and sunglasses reflect that trend in a personal and timeless way.”


“In terms of colours, natural earth tones like beige, green, burnt orange, etc. are going to be popular this year. And bright colours too; neons, plus richer colours like midnight blue, pearlescent tones, grape, purple and fuchsias. This year it’s going to be all about geometric shapes with sharp angles, squares and hexagonal influences. Plus, the timeless upswept will remain but with a more dramatic angled edge.

Sizes are still varied but we are seeing a movement back to smaller shapes gradually. This might kick in further in 2021, so for now large is still more dominant.
Styles are exciting at the moment because pretty much anything goes. Finally, people are embracing individuality and opting for styles that reflect their own personality.
We have seen a big influence towards heavy or obvious bridge detail such as the reemergence of the saddle bridge acetate but in various different colours. In the UK we have been quite reserved with this so far. But this could be the year it really starts to take off in line with the rest of the world.

Undoubtedly we have seen the industry increase metal production, but also sustainability seems to be the key word. Lots of people are claiming to fit this brief with recycled acetates, ocean plastic waste etc., ethically sourced production and so on. This is great news for us at FEB31st as we are the leaders of true sustainable manufacturing. Planet friendly production is big news and this can only be a good thing.”

Booth & Bruce

“From Booth & Bruce over the coming year, you’re likely to see simple geometric shapes, and more mixed material frames. We love to combine high-quality Italian acetate with metal and titanium, and use those combinations to provide interesting details to the frame. With our sunglasses range, we love to include an element of fun, and our Spring Summer 2020 collection will be no exception.

On the note of trends, there’s a subtle minimalism movement going on, which is why we’re leaning towards geometric shapes. The popularity of Marie Kondo and her minimalist approach to tidying speaks volumes about the popularity of the idea of simplicity. She champions the idea of stripping your belongings down to the essentials. Which is in effect what the geometric shapes in glasses frames is reflecting. The simplicity of a classic shape, like a circle, a hexagon, or even a straight line, is like a rebellion against the complications we face in today’s busy society and lifestyles.

What we learnt from SILMO 2019

It’s the biggest optical event of the year, and a fabulous opportunity to see the world’s best eyewear brands showcase their latest collections. Here’s a brief recap of what we discovered at SILMO Paris:

• All hail the aviator. The aviator style needs no introduction. It’s an iconic look loved by many, us included. We’re particularly excited to see Theo’s take on this classic design.

• Cat-eye designs are as popular as ever. We’re fortunate enough to partner with Caroline Abram, a designer much beloved for her cat-eye frames.

• Eyewear designers love to make something old new again, be reimagining the classic shapes.

• Sustainability was the key word at SILMO Paris. Lots of brands are heading into 2020 embracing sustainable eyewear by using recycled acetates. We partner with FEB31st and Vinylize, both of which are doing amazing things with sustainable, organically treated wood and recycled vinyl records, respectively.

Here at Respectacle Company we have an exciting range of eyewear for you to browse and try. We’re an independent optician stocking designer glasses and sunglasses from some of the very best eyewear designers in Europe, including Gotti Switzerland, FEB31st, Vinylize and Booth and Bruce. Pop by our store in Manor Walk, Market Harborough and take a look.