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We first discovered Woow at 100% Optical, the UK’s largest optical industry show, and we loved the collection of both acetate and metal frames straightaway. In fact, you could say it was love at first sight!

Aimed at the young and the bold, Woow eyewear is quirky, fresh, full of colour and a whole lot of fun. Produced in a French design studio under the direction of Face A Face co-founders Nadine Roth and Pascal Jaulent, the collection – which launched in 2012 – is a hybrid of traditional, casual, chic and offbeat styles.

Each collection released by Woow is based on a theme for each seasonal reveal, and every model takes inspiration from that theme. For example, it’s ‘Bollywood’ brings hints of spice such as saffron yellow, lassi cream or chilli red bound together with a pinch of granite textures. And there’s ‘Woow wool’ which draws on the famous Scottish sock industry and has morphed into Mandala patterns. Many people find drawing Mandala patterns therapeutic and a form of meditation. But with the Woow twist these patterns bring a cocktail of colours, joy for the wearer and really dance.

Woow’s metal pieces are ultra slim and have a secretive aura about them. They sparkle with colour, are light and allow freedom in both shapes and colours. Woow eyewear also offers models which bring together both the tantalising colours from the acetate pieces and the elegance from the metal models. Each one gives a nod to the nostalgic past being retro of the future. The combination collections bind the colour explosions of the acetate together with a pop of accent colour from the metal.

Whichever collection inspires you and brings you joy, they all have one thing in common and that’s Woow’s signature calling card characteristics: two tone temples with cute phrases like ‘Marry Me’, ‘Be Happy’ ‘Good Job’ and ‘Don’t Panic’ inserted into the end tips. These engaging and motivational messages – written on vintage inspired typewriter keys – bring fun and laughter to this wonderful eccentric collection. We adore Woow, and not least because of their lovely uplifting and playful phrases.

Based in Paris, and available in over 40 countries, the collection is handcrafted in Italy and features trendy and fashionable shapes with pops of colour. The metal and acetate frames are the perfect blend of traditional and casual, resulting in beautiful statement pieces for men and women. Whether you’re looking for prescription glasses or sunglasses, there’s a Woow style to suit everyone.