Autumn Sunglasses Offer

Protect yourself against low autumn sun and benefit from free prescription lenses with sunglasses

After a record-breaking hot summer, we have enjoyed some lovely autumnal weather over the last few weeks and months. Although the temperatures have been dropping, mother nature has blessed us with plenty of sunshine and blue skies most days. We prefer this weather to dreary, grey, wet days. But the autumn sunshine is not without its problems – low autumn sun.

During the autumn and winter, the sun is so low it causes glare when driving. Every year we have the same conversations with our customers about the difficulty they find driving during these months.

We are also very aware of how worried people are about the cost of living. From increases in food prices, inflation rates at a forty-year high and massive energy price hikes, money is becoming increasingly tight for many people. So, our latest offer couldn’t come at a better time.

This year we have put together a prescription offer that we hope will encourage people to wear sunglasses for driving. From now until December, we offer free prescription lenses when you purchase any of our in-stock sunglasses.

Wearing sunglasses will help with the issue of low sun glare and protect your eyes against damage caused by UV light emitted by the sun. There are different types of UV rays, UVA, UVB, and UVC.


The different types of UV rays

UVC could potentially cause the most damage to us. But it is blocked by the earth’s ozone layer. As this layer depletes, the exposure risk could increase.

UVB gives us our suntan. We protect our skin by using suntan lotion to stop our skin from burning. So, we should be blocking these rays by wearing sunglasses with the correct filters within the lenses. Overexposure can lead to many eye conditions and even cancer.

UVA is a different frequency of ultraviolet light emitted from the sun. It can pass through the eye into our cornea, which evidence suggests may cause some types of cataracts and macular degeneration.


Free single vision prescription lenses when you purchase sunglasses

It’s just as vital to protect our eyes from the sun as we do our skin. Our prescription sunglass offer is available on all the sunglasses we currently have in stock. Pop into Respectacle Company in Market Harborough and browse our sunglass collections. We stock sunglasses from some of Europe’s most respected eyewear brands including Booth & Bruce, WOOW, L.G.R, and GiGi Studios.

Once you find the sunglasses you love, you only need to pay for the price of the frame. We will include a pair of 1.5 single-vision prescription lenses with a solid 85% sunglass tint in green, brown, or grey at no extra cost. All prescription lenses come with a UV400 coating to protect your eyes from the sun, saving you £200. Not everyone wears a single-vision lens, so if you wear progressive lenses or need lenses of a higher index due to your prescription, we will discount the cost of the single-vision lenses. We want everyone to benefit from this great offer.

You can check out our sunglass collections by browsing our online shop. Or visit the store on Manor Walk. But be quick. The offer is so good frames are selling fast!


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