Celebrating sustainability: Harborough Big Green Week 10th -18th June 2023

The Big Green Week is back in Market Harborough. And it is bigger and better than ever. The event organisers have cleverly linked the start of the weeklong awareness with the 2023 Harborough Carnival festivities on Saturday, 10th June.

During Carnival Day, the sustainable Market Harborough community has organised events and activities, starting with a Big Green Bike Ride. The event is open to anyone over eighteen, and the bike ride commences at 9.30 am from Symington’s Recreation Ground on St Mary’s Road. You’ll cycle two miles along Brampton Valley Way, stopping at Waterloo Farm Café before making the return journey.

A repair café will be open between 10 am and 12.30 pm, where you can take broken electro-mechanical items for repair. There will also be a demonstration of how to reuse and recycle our items instead of putting them into landfill.

Duncan Murray Wines is hosting a Green Wine Tasting event at their shop on Adam and Eve Street between 12 pm and 3 pm. The focus will be on sustainably produced wine. There will also be a ‘green street’ on the showground during the event, with many green stalls and community groups showcasing their wares and knowledge to help people understand more about sustainability, climate change, recycling and how to become more eco-friendly.

We are keen to do our bit for sustainability here at Respectacle Company. We have sourced some sustainable eyewear collections using recycled materials and repurposed products. The Vinylize collection we stock features eyewear made from repurposed records. Using old vinyl records gives them a very distinctive look. Vinylize frames make a statement for the wearer. Our customers love the record grooves running through the frame fronts and the colourful acetate interior of each glasses frame. These pieces are fun, quirky and a real talking point.

Vinylize Eyewear

We also carry Coral Eyewear, an eyewear collection made from recycled plastics removed from sea beds. The plastics are processed back to their original form and manufactured into beautifully tactile frames. The company’s ethos is impressive, and they even offer a discount on a new frame when you return your old pair for recycling.

Coral Eyewear

Coral Eyewear

FEB31st is another sustainable collection we stock. This Italian brand makes eyewear using sustainably sourced wood which they manufacture in an exciting range of colours. Each frame is bespoke, made to order and unique to the wearer, so there’s no waste of resources or materials.

Feb 31st

If you are visiting Market Harborough for the Big Green Week and would like to know more about our sustainable eyewear collections, stop by the shop and view our eco-friendly brands. We will be open from Tuesday 13th to Saturday 17th of June. *

At Respectacle, we are always looking at ways to improve our sustainability. One thing we hate is single-use plastics. So, we now offer reusable lens cleaning sprays. Once the lens cleaner runs out, pop by the shop with your bottle and get it refilled for free. It’s much better than dropping the bottle into landfill. Refilling the spray bottle saves you money, so it’s a win-win.

There are a lot of events happening around Market Harborough during the Big Green Week, finishing on the 18th of June with a Big Green Picnic at Welland Park between 11 am and 3 pm. Head to the Sustainable Harborough Community website to view the full itinerary of events.

* The practice will be closed on Saturday the 10th of June due to Harborough Carnival.

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