Coti Vision Glasses Chains: As Seen on Dragons’ Den

Coti Glasses Chains

We have a lot of customers who quite often buy multiple pairs of reading glasses because either they lose them, or they’re never in the room when they need to read something. From our point of view, this is great as we can dispense multiple pairs of glasses. But we have found a better, fun, and more economical solution for our customers. We have just taken delivery of a selection of COTI glasses chains, which we think you will love.

COTI is the creation of friends Julie and Nancy. They recognised a gap in the market for fun and functional eyewear chains. Specifically for people who need some help with reading and close work activities, but even though they don’t need to wear them continuously, they need to keep them close at hand.

Before their launch, the options available on the glasses chain market were dull and limited. But when COTI came into being in 2020, the market became much more fun and colourful. Nancy and Julie’s vision was to make wearing reading glasses fun, fashionable and always at your fingertips through a collection of chains, holders, and readers. Seeking investment, they appeared on the BBC television show Dragons’ Den in early 2021 and pitched their products to the Dragons. Impressed with what she saw, Deborah Meaden invested in the business because she felt that Julie and Nancy had “brought an important bit of everyday kit out of the dullness and into the light”. We couldn’t agree more.

Coti Glasses Chains

Nan and Julie at 100 Optical 2023

Coti Glasses Chains

Coti Vision Amore Italia Anima in Tutti Frutti

Here at Respectacle Company, we love products that are functional but also fun, funky and a bit quirky. Although we have never carried many eyewear accessories, if we find an optical accessory that allows people to express their personalities, it usually grabs our interest. And COTI, with the acronym ‘Chuckle On The Inside’, has certainly captured our attention.

Co-founders Julie and Nancy bring a great balance to their collection of eyewear chains; through their similar styling and creative differences, they have introduced a plethora of styles and colours to the market. Whether you’re familiar with eyeglass chains or a complete newbie, COTI has a whole array of styles and colours to choose from. You can go as big and bold as you dare with their eyewear chains. You can even start your own collection and colour-coordinate chains with your eyewear and outfits. After all, that’s what most people do with shoes, handbags, and other accessories.

COTI glasses chains are not just for your glasses; they also double as a necklace. They have a little clasp on the end, so when you’re not using the chain with your spectacles or sunglasses, you can click it together to make a necklace. We think that’s brilliant.

Coti Glasses Chains

Coti Vision Aria glasses chain

Coti Glasses Chains

Coti Vision glasses chain

As the girls’ journey has evolved, so has their initial target market. It now includes younger purchasers who are using COTI chains with their sunglasses. So, whatever your age, style, or type of eyewear, you can really make your personality shine through with COTI glasses chains.

At the time of appearing on Dragons’ Den, Nancy and Julie said: “It’s been an incredible journey. We realised a dream by actually having a unique product to pass the stringent tests of getting to the Den, let alone to have a business interesting enough to get an investor on board.”

The co-founders added: “We are passionate about sharing our necklace reading glasses and chains with the world, inspiring men and women to be bold and celebrate their personalities.”

Come and check out the COTI glasses chains we have in store at Respectacle. If you can’t get into the shop, browse our online selection of COTI glasses chains, including COTI Luna Aubergine and COTI Stella Jelly Neon Pink. With that time of year just a couple of weeks away, you might know someone who would love to find one of these fashionable eyeglass chains under the Christmas tree.

Coti Vision glasses chain

COTI Luna Aubergine

Coti Glasses Chain

COTI Stella Jelly Neon Pink

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