Eyewear Trends for 2018

As we’re sure you’ve all been reading since the new year, 2018 seems to be all about clean living, detoxing, looking after ourselves and leading a healthy lifestyle. So it shouldn’t be a big surprise to hear that 2018 eyewear trends are leaning more towards feeling good – and not just looking great.

This year’s eyewear trends feature stylish frames that feel just as fabulous to wear as they look good on. Think lines and shapes that are clean, light and understated. But with style and classic features reinventing themselves to bring them bang up to date for 2018.

We’re starting to see a move away from the heavy overstated black and tortoiseshell frames. It’s a style which has been around for a while now, and eyewear designers are twisting the theme a little by adding colours and lighter shades. Tortoiseshell patterned frames are adding more colours and hues, moving from the traditional browns and updating the look by adding to the spectrum of blues and violet.

It’s wonderful to see people becoming much more adventurous and willing to experiment with eyewear; whether it’s adding more colour or experimenting with the construction of the frame. After all, there is no other wardrobe staple that can instantly reinvent your image quiet like a great pair of spectacles.

Metal and combination frames are making a big comeback, with the re-emergence of the aviator, which is being remastered to reflect the 80’s whilst defining the clean lines and foundation shapes for the coming seasons.

Round and panto shapes will also play a big part in 2018 eyewear trends. The frames are slimmed down with sculpted lines. And by adding a glint of colour or introducing new satin and matt finishes to the eyewear, the designers are flirting with soft, delicate geometric shapes.

Our top 5 eyewear tips for 2018

Go retro with round glasses

It’s bye bye chunky and oversized geek chic and hello sleek thin frames. The minimalist look is definitely in this year. Think retro round glasses and 70’s inspired metal frames. Perfect for fans of vintage inspired styling. In 2018 we’re going to be seeing a lot of simple and sophisticated eyewear, with metal and acetate all set to be a hugely popular pairing.

Adan – LGR

Venus – Caroline Abrams

Caroline Abram

The lighter the better

With 2018 eyewear trends embracing comfort, lightweight metal is much in favour. And the thinner the better. Lightweight frames are durable and perfect for every lifestyle. Modern ultra-thin frames hark back to old school style, albeit with a contemporary twist. If you’re really into your eyewear fashion, look out for thin wire spectacles in gold finishes.



Caroline Abram

Caroline Abram

Twice as nice: think double bridge

The double bridge was very popular back in the day – and by back in the day we’re talking the 70’s and 80’s. Here we are in 2018 and this extra design element is proving to be very on trend at the moment, with many eyewear designers opting to incorporate a double bridge into their latest collections. The double bridge is probably a lot like marmite; you either like it or you don’t. But it certainly makes a bold statement, if you can carry it off.

Darcy – Gotti

William Morris


Comeback kid: the aviator

We love a good comeback and it’s a real joy to see the aviator making a return to eyewear designs in recent months. The shape has always been popular in sunglasses but now there’s an interesting trend in aviator glasses. The aviator’s comeback is being attributed to the popularity of classic 80’s and 90’s films and TV shows appearing on Netflix. When it comes to 2018 aviator glasses, eyewear designers are taking a much loved classic and delivering frames that are innovative and unique. If you’re a trendsetter the aviator should definitely be on your radar, with rose gold and navy colours to watch out for.

Purple hues rule

Ultra violet is the Pantone Colour of the Year, so consequently purple hues are going to be very popular if you’re into following eyewear fashion trends. Believe it or not, purple is actually a pretty versatile and flattering colour, particular for women. Violet hues with blue undertones are especially funky and fun, while lilac hues are modern and sophisticated.

William Morris

William Morris

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