Glasses for guys: what’s new in our masculine eyewear collections

Glasses for Men

At Respectacle Company, we take the time to get to know our customers. We’ve always got time for a chat and a catch-up. During a recent conversation with a couple of our male clients, it came to our attention that our eyewear collections are focused heavily on our female client base. So clearly, we needed to reassess the diversity of our eyewear collections and make some changes to address the needs of our male clientele.

Customer feedback is important to us and can often be the instigator for changes within our business. With the words of Ron Moody in Oliver ringing in our ears, we quickly ‘reassessed the situation’ and analysed not only our stock levels but the balance of our collections and the layout of the store. We concluded that although we currently stock several high quality, stylistic male-orientated collections, they were mixed in with the more flamboyant feminine influenced eyewear lines. Which meant our masculine eyewear collections were getting a bit lost around the store. It was time to readdress the balance and mix things up a bit.

glasses for men

From Starck to FEB31st: award-winning eyewear for men  

We stock some iconic and award-winning masculine eyewear collections here at Respectacle in Market Harborough. One of the most iconic is Starck Biotech Paris, famed for the outstanding biolink technology used in the temple hinges of each piece. This link is based on the movement of the human shoulder joint and gives the wearer incredible comfort and flexibility. Phillippe Starck is a world-renowned designer of many functional items, from furniture and household items to boats and hotel interiors.

glasses for men


We also stock the Italian handmade collection L.G.R, a brand known for its stunning vintage pieces inspired from the 1930s and 1940s. This brand consists of many acetate frames that make a bold statement. And the family story of how L.G.R came to be is beautiful.

Another Italian brand we offer for our male customers is FEB31st, a popular sustainable eyewear collection made from layers of wood. Each piece is unique and bespoke to the wearer as they can choose from a plethora of different colours and different woods.

glasses for men


Vinylize is a very bold collection handmade from old records. These frames are big, bold, and black. The stunning coloured acetate across the inner surface of the frames adds another dimension by softening the black outer surface. Vinylize glasses are tactile, fun and make a statement.


Award-winning collection Gotti Switzerland is another popular choice with our male customers. Timeless pieces, the frames are made from Japanese titanium and components of the highest quality. And then there’s Booth & Bruce, a fun and funky British brand which oozes fun, with its colours and playful twists on the classic shapes they use.

glasses for men

Booth and Bruce

After addressing the balance of male to female eyewear collections, we also looked at the layout and positioning of each collection. As we speak, we are in the process of giving the shop a mini makeover. We hope this will help to showcase our eyewear collections in a more appealing and simplistic way.

We are pleased our customers feel comfortable enough to approach us with their constructive feedback. We have listened and reacted positively to make improvements. As a small business, we are always open to suggestions, so please feel free to contact us, either by email ( or via our social media channels. We would love you to swing by and check out our range of eyewear for men. Please call the shop on 01858 433577 to make a viewing appointment.


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