In the Frame With… Sarah Cripps

A new month means it’s time to share with you another interview in our “In the Frame” series of blogs. This month we’re shining the spotlight on Sarah Cripps. Sarah is the Managing Director and co-founder of Market Harborough based Salad Skills Limited, a company established to source apprentices.

As a specialist apprenticeship recruitment agency, they are on a mission to partner driven young people with local and national businesses. In fact, it was through Salad Skills that we were able to find our newest apprentice Leon.

We met up with Sarah to talk about her experience of wearing glasses and what influences her when it comes to choosing new spectacles.

What influenced you to choose the glasses/sunglasses you’re wearing today?

I am very into fashion and like to look my best. So, when I’m looking for a new pair of glasses I want something modern, stylish and fashionable. But also glasses suited to me and a frame which is flexible enough to work with an array of outfits.

Do you struggle to find eyewear you like and/or suits you?

I think everyone finds it hard to choose glasses because we’re so critical of ourselves. I am very used to seeing myself wearing glasses now though, and I am well versed in what colours and shapes work for my face. This really speeds up the selection process.

What do you like most about wearing spectacles?

It’s another accessory and another way of expressing myself.

How many pair of glasses do you currently own?

I currently have 5 pairs. I tend to keep them in different locations for where I need them; work, car, lounge etc.

What do you look for when buying new glasses?

I like a fashionable frame, quite often in tortoiseshell. Because I wear glasses the majority of the time, I do like to treat myself to a nice brand too!

Who is your favourite famous glasses wearer?

If Jason Fox from SAS: Who Dares Wins wore glasses, it would be him!

What is the biggest challenge you’ve faced having to wear prescription spectacles?

The biggest issue for me is combining wearing glasses with sport.

If you had perfect vision would you still wear glasses as a fashion accessory?

Quite possibly.

Would you say you’re style conscious when it comes to eyewear?


What’s your favourite film?

That would be Eat, Pray, Love

Do you have a favourite place?

France is my favourite place in the world.

What about a favourite food?

Cheese. I love cheese.

Big thanks to Sarah for taking the time out of her busy schedule to chat to us. You can find out more about Salad Skills by visiting their website. You can also keep up to date with their news and vacancies by following the Salad Skills Facebook page.

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