In the Frame with… Sarah Poli

Welcome to the very first of our customer Q&A features called “In the Frame”. It’s an opportunity to sit down with some of our lovely customers, to ask them how their lifestyle has influenced the eyewear choices they have made. First up we have Sarah Poli, who has a very busy life, running two popular local eateries, The Lighthouse and Boboli in Kibworth Beauchamp and Kibworth Harcourt respectively.

Sarah employs around 50 staff, likes to keep fit by walking her two dogs, going to Pilates, Leg Bums and Tums, hitting the gym and running. In her spare time, she enjoys jaunts out with her partner in crime, Lino, on his Triumph Speed Master.

Respectacle Company has helped Sarah to keep perspective and clear vision throughout her busy days. We recently caught up with her for a short Q&A, and here’s what she had to say.


What influenced you to choose the glasses/sunglasses you’re wearing today?

I’m wearing my Dior sunglasses, which I love. That was all thanks to the marvelous advice Alison gave me. Not only are they a bit funky – which I love – but they are light and comfortable. I couldn’t ask for more. Alison has such a great eye for what frames are suitable. Most people hate choosing glasses and Alison is very knowledgeable about eyewear brands; she knows what looks good.


Do you struggle to find eyewear that you like and/or suits you?

I always used to, because working in the restaurants means I work in such a hot and busy environment. It’s for that reason that I have started to wear contact lenses more. Having the flexibility of switching from my glasses to contact lenses has helped a great deal with my busy lifestyle, and especially when I’m running or doing an exercise class. It’s great that I can order my Alcon contact lenses whenever I need them, and have them delivered straight to my door. I don’t even have to pop to Respectacle to get them. It’s so hassle free.


What do you like most about wearing spectacles?

These days I just like to look good. I wish I could have a different pair of specs for every day of the week, just to suit my mood!


How many pairs of glasses do you currently own?

I’m no Elton John! I just have three pairs.


What do you look for when buying new glasses?

They have to be comfortable, that’s so important. And even though I don’t keep up to date with all the different fashion eyewear brands, they need to look good too. I’m drawn to eyewear that’s fun and funky.


Who is your favourite famous glasses wearer?

Elton John. No, not really. I’m not good on famous people. But I really love Alison’s look!


What is the biggest challenge you’ve faced having to wear prescription specs?

Getting too hot at work. That’s by far the biggest problem. Also, I have never found wearing glasses very compatible with exercising. I do a lot of running, Pilates and fitness classes, and having to wear glasses can be a pain. It’s another reason why I love the flexibility of being able to wear contact lenses.


If you had perfect vision would you still wear glasses as a fashion accessory?

Hmmm that’s a good question. I’m not really sure. I’d definitely still wear my sunglasses though!


Would you say you’re style conscious when it comes to eyewear?

Yes, very much so.


What’s your favourite film?

That would be The Greatest Showman


Do you have a favourite place?

Too many. I wouldn’t know where to begin!


What about a favourite food?

That’s much easier to answer. Beef Carpaccio or Tuna Carpaccio.


Huge thanks to Sarah for taking the time to answer our questions. If you haven’t already done so, we highly recommend a visit to either one of Sarah’s restaurants, Boboli and The Lighthouse. We’ll be chatting with more of our customers, as we’re hoping to make this a regular feature. If you’d like to be considered for “In the Frame”, please send an email to

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