New to Respectacle Company: Lamarca Eyewear

Although we’ve not been able to travel to the usual trade fairs and exhibitions for the last 15 months or so, it hasn’t stopped us scouring the optical world for new and exciting eyewear collections. And the latest we’ve found, called Lamarca eyewear, is a real gem.

Created and manufactured in Italy by Trisottica, they have been manufacturing eyewear for many deluxe brands throughout Europe for over thirty years. And now they have masterminded their very own individual collection, which they have named Lamarca. This exquisite collection was only released into the UK this year, and we are both excited and proud to be one of the first stockists in England.

Trisottica is a thoroughbred of eyewear production, having worked for the last thirty years in collaboration with exclusive brands. This is their first in house collection which has allowed them to intertwine their knowledge, artisan skills and high-tech manufacturing techniques to design and produce an individual brand all within their own Italian factories. Lamarca is truly what ‘made in Italy’ stands for.

The Lamarca collection consists of several families, each family showcasing a different skilled work process by bringing together the creative passions of the design team and the production flair of highly skilled technicians.


As the name suggests, frames in the Mosaico collection feature a mosaic of colour. Each model is suitable for both men and women and highlights the flair of combining great colour palettes and the technical skill to glue them together, creating geometric patterns. It takes a great amount of skill and knowledge to understand colour and how to combine it to allow the colours to flow together and complement each other. The layers of acetate need to be successfully bonded to create striking, high-quality combinations.

Model featured MOSAICO by Lamarca Eyewear


The frames in the Intagli family are inspired by the intricate hand-carved frames produced in France during the 1950s. The feathering technique can now be recreated by using highly technical machinery. Layers of acetate are overlaid and then skilfully cut away to reveal the different coloured layers beneath. It is a fantastic example of using state of the art machinery to take an eyewear collection back to its roots and in doing so, pay homage to the master craftsmen of a bygone era.


Model featured INTAGLI by Lamarca Eyewear


This family is stunning and showcases a technique developed by Triscottica called thermoforming. Special stainless-steel moulds are made for each shape, and small pieces of acetate are bonded together and left to consolidate. They are then heated and placed inside the mould. As the mould closes, it compresses the material and shapes the acetate to the desired form. Each frame is milled to the desired profile. The result is a beautifully sculpted frame, a real piece of art.

Model featured SCULTURA by Lamarca Eyewear


The highly skilled cutting and ‘chiselling’ of each piece within the Ceselli collection transforms them from an eyewear frame into a dazzling piece of art. Each piece is ‘cut’ by highly skilled technicians using the goldsmiths diamond dressing technique. The surfaces are chiselled, using specialist equipment to create an uneven surface. The angle and depth of this chiselling technique allow the light to dance over the surface, creating optical effects resembling precious jewels. Each frame is handcrafted and unique.


Model featured CESELLI by Lamarca Eyewear

The flair and individuality of this collection has to be seen to be appreciated. It’s no wonder we’ve fallen head over heels with the Lamarca eyewear collection. Take a look at our Facebook and Instagram to see some examples of the Lamarca frames we stock. Or better still, book an appointment and come and take a look for yourself. You won’t be disappointed! Give Respectacle Company a call on 01858 433577 to arrange a time to view.