A long time before the conception of Respectacle Company we had many conversations at home about how we would love to have our own Optical Store. The conversations were long and idealistic often starting with the word ‘if’ and discussions followed the format about how the store would look, where it would be situated, what sort of image we wanted to portray and most importantly what brands we would stock.

As time moved on the conversations moved on from ‘if’ to ‘when’ and ‘where’ and of course ‘if we don’t do it now………’

We always had a fairly clear vision of what we wanted to achieve, it may have sifted slightly as the ideas evolved and developed into working drawings, but the one thing that has always stayed constant was our wish list to stock the Belgium eyewear collection Theo.

Theo is a fabulous Contemporary eyewear brand designed for the individualist. Theo works with a wonderful mix of colours and examines the boundaries of what a frame should be and what it could be.

The brand was established in 1987 by two opticians Patrick Hoet and Wim Somers, with the slogan ‘do not just see better, also look better’. This slogan has evolved over the last twenty years as the brand has grown and now two of Wims sons are involved in the design and operation of Theo, their motto has become ‘Theo loves you’ and we are very honoured to become part of the family.

Robert feels he may have been a small part of the Theo family for some time, he and Mik Somers have know each other for about fifteen years. Their working schedules have intertwined over the years as they have travelled the world ‘spreading the word’. They ‘toured’ together across Scandinavia in 2009, attending a series of trunk shows held for Optical Store owners.

I have worked with the Theo collection previously and have always loved the quirkiness of the collection, the amazing attention to detail, high crafted workmanship but overall, the wonderful creativity of the brand, how it continues to push the boundaries of what a spectacle frame is and what it could be by looking at things from a different perspective, or ‘thinking outside the box’ a wonderful use of colours and how each frame never fails to bring a smile to your face,

Theo loves you, and we love Theo, I’m sure you will too.