Popular Spectacle Shapes in 2022

In a previous blog, we discussed how to choose eyewear for your face shape. For the last few years, when we’ve looked at the available offerings of eyewear, styles have been reduced to the simple shape labels – square, rectangle, round, aviator, and cat’s eye. But in the optical world, not every frame fits into one of these categories.

One shape which is making a comeback in spectacle designs is the hexagon. Now don’t get us wrong, the hexagon isn’t a new eyewear shape. If we look back at styles in the 1970s – which some of us remember – it was a prominent part of the designs of the time.


Hexagonal Frames

Booth & Bruce BB2208 in colour ‘Fuji’. Image credit: Booth & Bruce

In recent years, the more unusual shapes have dropped off to make way for something more generic. Frame shapes that fall into the generic category are much easier and cheaper for the high street to mass-produce. Even when the colourations or manufacturing methods have been far from ordinary, for many years, the independent eyewear designers have designed to compete with the other standard shapes which were fashionable for that year.

However, in recent collections from Booth and Bruce, Lamarca Eyewear and Theo Eyewear, it’s been pleasing to see the more unusual shapes take the market by storm. Popular geometric shapes in 2022 are hexagonal or octagonal. These are especially elegant in rose gold and grey silver tones, such as GiGi Studios Karol.

Shaped Frames

Lamarca Scultura 67 in Blue/Brown

Since the hexagon, and non-generic shapes have started to make a reappearance, we wanted to showcase a few of our recent favourites:

Booth and Bruce BB2208. Part of the Here and Now collection, this model lives in the moment. With angles which highlight cheek bones and eyebrow arches, the frame is complementary and stylish simultaneously.

Lamarca Eyewear has also utilised this style in their own way, with models such as the Mosaico 109, which offers a subtly six-sided design, showing that the hexagon can be incorporated in a variety of ways.

Lamarca further demonstrates the mastery of their unique acetate colours with the Scultura 67 frame. It is a rounded lens with an angular outer finish, which also offers a beautiful ‘scallop shell-like’ finish to break up the flatness of the frame.

Theo Eyewear has always been a front runner at keeping styles unique, which is one reason why we love them. Models such as the Tottori demonstrate this with the shape of the lens and the frame. Then we have models such as Eye Witness WE and Eye Witness EC that feature a round lens shape with an angular frame to deviate from the generic and dull.

Hexagonal Shape

Theo Eye Witness WE

With such an expressive selection offering up a variation on the ‘standard’ eyewear shapes, 2022 is trying hard to break the monotony of the last two years from a fashion perspective.

Are you looking to give your eyewear a makeover? Pop by the store and look at the wide variety of spectacle shapes available. Alternatively, visit our online shop and browse the different frame shapes and styles at your leisure.

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