Seiko Lenses

We’re proud to be a Seiko lens specialist. In our opinion, Seiko is one of the best lens companies in the world, producing the highest quality optical lenses. Since its conception in 1881, the Seiko Corporation has introduced many revolutionary products. They have been world leaders in many divisions, including the first wristwatch in Japan in 1913, the first quartz watch in the world in 1969, and the first inner surfaces progressive spectacle lens in 1997. Seiko is renowned globally for its quality timepieces, being awarded the contract to be the official timer of the 1964 Olympic Games in Tokyo, which led to the development of high precision optical lenses for revolutionary timing equipment.


Seiko lenses are up to 50% thinner and 45% lighter than ordinary plastic lenses, improving cosmetic appearance and comfort. Within the Seiko family, there is a lens suitable for everyone’s needs and lifestyle, from single vision lenses generally used for either distance vision or reading, through to progressive lenses that combine distance, intermediate, and near vision prescriptions within one lens. And not forgetting task-specific lifestyle lenses dispensed to meet customers growing needs generally within an indoor working environment.


The Japanese word for precision is Seiko and this leading lens company is passionate about offering their customers the best possible solutions for their lifestyle and daily needs. From the smallest of detail through to groundbreaking processes, Seiko is committed to tailoring each type of lens perfectly so that the Seiko lens wearer experiences the best possible vision in all settings, tasks, and occasions. These world-leading lenses are designed to offer a clear, natural vision.


Seiko has always been a world leader in innovating new technology as their revered history shows. State-of-the-art technological processes, manufacturing techniques, and expert workmanship deliver aesthetically pleasing optical lenses that are visually precise and natural. Benefiting from edge-to-edge clarity and balance zone technology, Seiko lenses are one of the most technically advanced optical lenses available. As a Seiko lens wearer, you’ll enjoy maximum comfort and clarity.


Coatings are becoming more important to our patients as our needs and demands change with our daily routines. Whether it’s digital devices or driving, Seiko offers a comprehensive range of coatings that are geared towards customer needs. These coatings remove nearly all reflections from the surface of your lenses, giving optimum clarity and maximum protection. They are also resistant to water, oil, grease, and dirt. Task-specific coatings can filter out blue light emitted from digital devices, or reduce discomfort experienced from car headlights.


By choosing Seiko lenses you are always assured of the highest quality optical lenses. Offering a full spectrum of lenses designed using the latest technology, materials, and manufacturing techniques, all of our customers will benefit from a spectacle lens specific to their needs. Giving them the optimum lens design, individualised for their prescription, frame design, and measurements. Seiko is a world leader in quality optical lenses which are guaranteed to be manufactured to Seiko’s exacting standards.

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