The benefits of owning more than one pair of glasses

We’re sure it comes as no surprise, but we are huge advocates for having more than one pair of glasses. It’s always quite a surprise to us when people say they only have one pair of specs when most of us rely on them to function on a day-to-day basis and carry out our daily tasks. Should your primary pair of spectacles go missing, get damaged or even break, not being able to wear your glasses will quickly become a big issue. After all, some of us need our specs to drive a car. Just think how lost you would be without your glasses?!

Not only is it practical to have a second pair of glasses, but it’s also nice to have a change or a different look, especially when you wear them all the time for an average of two years. Would you wear the same pair of shoes every day for two years and expect them to last if you did? But we think nothing of expecting our glasses to serve us for many years.

When we go to work, most of us wear different clothing and shoes than we would at the weekends or the evenings. We don’t wear the same outfit to a social event as we would when tending the garden. And when we participate in sports, for example, cycling, swimming, or playing golf, we wear clothing specific to the activity rather than wearing the same attire continuously.

The point we are (trying!) to make is that we swap and change our clothes around depending on the task or activity. Or to reflect our mood or the occasion. But for some reason, many of us don’t consider this for our spectacles.

Of course, as your local independent optician, we are bound to understand the benefits of having more than one pair of spectacles. And it’s not just for practical reasons. While having a spare pair of specs for emergencies is sensible, the glasses we wear are one of the first things people notice about us; our eyewear conveys our style and gives people a first and lasting impression of our character. We can also re-invent ourselves if we have two different frames.

But a pair of good quality glasses with Japanese precision lenses are not cheap. It’s an investment. When you break down the cost per wear, it doesn’t cost as much as you think. As big of an initial outlay as it is, we need to remember that our glasses allow us to drive our cars, watch television, and play our favourite spots – all of which cost more than a pair of glasses.

So, to help with these costs – and to say ‘thank you’ to our customers for your loyalty and commitment – we’ve got a couple of offers to help you purchase more than one pair of glasses. We can offer you a second pair of glasses (the frame and lenses) at a 30 per cent discount. These don’t have to be identical to the first pair; you can choose sunglasses or task-specific spectacles for office work or reading.

But wait, there’s more! We will also give you another 30 per cent off a third pair of glasses from our range in store. The choice of frame is yours. If you don’t need or want more than two pairs of specs, you can gift this discount to a family member or friend who already knows about us and our eyewear.

We think it is a pretty sweet deal. But not only that, we promise not to pressure you to make a quick decision. You have three months from collecting your first pair to take up these offers – and we’re not too strict with dates, either. Pop into our Manor Walk practice, grab a coffee with us, and let us explain everything you need to know. And if a payment plan would make it easier for you, we can chat about that too.

We carry an exciting range of eyewear collections, including L.G.R, Lamarca, Theo, WOOW and Caroline Abram. And for lovers of sustainable eyewear, there’s FEB31st, Coral and Vinylize. We hope you will visit us soon. Until then, browse a selection of our frames online here.

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