The eyewear trends set to make waves in 2023

We’ve taken down all the Christmas decorations, packed away the tinsel and hoovered up the pine needles. Although we thoroughly enjoyed the festivities, we’re excited to start to look forward to 2023 and all the fun and interesting things it may bring. Like trade fairs.

Industry events are back in full swing this year. We will be visiting some of these events around Europe later in 2023 and to say we are excited is an understatement. Although we are always mindful of the impact travelling has on the planet. And we don’t like to be away from the store for too long. So, we look carefully at which trade fairs will be the most beneficial and the best use of our time. We are always keen to source new products in a more eco-conscious way. However, we need to meet suppliers, see new innovative products, familiarise ourselves with new processes being launched into the optical market and seek out new eyewear collections for our Manor Walk store.

Regarding eyewear, there are some strong trends coming through in 2023. Some have built on the success of 2022 trends, and some follow the latest fashion clothing styles. One of the most significant style changes you may be aware of over the last few years is athleisure. This fashion trend features clothing that is aesthetically pleasing and comfortable. We are talking leggings, hoodies, oversized puffer jackets and trendy trainers. It is no surprise to see this trend finally infiltrate the eyewear market.

Coral Eyewear Collections

Coral Eyewear


What we would have deemed sports glasses a few years ago is now bang on trend for casual wear and fits perfectly with the athleisure scene. So, whether you’re mountain biking, playing tennis or grabbing a coffee before the school run, this trend will take you anywhere whilst protecting your eyes.

The 1970’s big glasses are still making a comeback. We saw them coming through last year, and they’re still big on the runways. Typically, they are oversized and chunky angular shapes in beautiful neutral translucent hues like pink, grey and green. But you will see the staple tortoiseshell classics too. Many of these collections focus on using recycled materials such as bioplastics.

Natural materials like wood and cork will feature heavily in 2023 eyewear collections. Wooden frames have been a big player in the eyewear market for several years as the optical industry strives to become even more sustainable and reduce its carbon footprint. We like their unique satin finish and lovely wooden grains. But wood has many benefits. It’s an extremely lightweight material, and strong too. We expect to see wood used more and more within the optical industry.

Feb31st Collections

FEB31st Eyewear

We mentioned in our 2022 eyewear trends blog that lens tints were growing in popularity. The same is true in 2023. Coachella, beloved by trendsetters and celebrities, is always a good indicator of fashion trends. Cosmetic light-tinted glasses with red, orange, and yellow lenses set into oversized metal aviator-style frames were popular at last year’s music and arts festival. Like in the 1970s, this trend is predicted to grow even more in 2023.

Theo Collections

Theo Eyewear

At Respectacle Company we have many frames which fit into the trends for 2023. Look at Coral Eyewear and its fabulous frames made from recycled plastic from old fishing nets. FEB 31st, an Italian brand, uses sustainable wood for their bespoke collections. Another beloved Italian brand, L.G.R manufactures retro-styled frames using original patterns from bygone eras. Their latest collections feature big and chunky acetate frames in translucent olive, grey and classic tortoiseshell colours. And then there is Theo from Belgium with their own take on aviator-styled frames featuring their trademark twist of colour. With Seiko offering a plethora of tints and coloured lenses, we offer a full palette in a variety of prescriptions.

Stop by our Market Harborough store to find out more about the eyewear trends set to make waves in the year ahead.

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