What to expect during your eye examination

In the run up to National Eye Health Week (23-29 September) we thought we’d talk a little bit about eye examinations and what is involved during a comprehensive eye check up. In this blog we’ll explain in more detail what our customers will experience during their consultation.

An eye examination at Respectacle Company will normally last about 30 to 45 minutes, and during this time all of the assessments and tests are carried out by the same experienced and fully qualified optometrist. We feel this is important for continuity, as well as the ability to give a full analysis and explanation of the optometrist’s findings to our customers.

For any eye examination it is important to know about our patient’s lifestyle, difficulties you may be experiencing and your full medical history – all of which can affect vision and health of the eyes. So we start off with a question and answer session to cover patient issues past and present, your medical history and any relevant family medical history. For example, a history of glaucoma in the family would have a bearing on specific examinations and tests carried out. We also explore your lifestyle and spectacle requirements.

What does an eye test involve?

A check of vision both with and without spectacles at distance and near focal lengths is also recorded during the eye examination. We then carry out a series of tests to determine spectacle requirements, if any. During this section of the eye test the findings are both recorded objectively by using an auto refractor – which works by shining a light into the eye – and by measuring how the light reacts when it bounces off the fundus at the back of the eye and will determine when the eye is properly focused. There is also a set of subjective questions using a trial frame, using different powered lenses and asking questions. The optometrist will determine whether vision is clearer with or without particular lenses. The auto refractor is also used as a control, to minimise effects of any variables should the patient not be able to communicate effectively, or should the patient try to answer the questions as they feel they should rather than what they see.

During the comprehensive eye examination there is also an assessment of binocular vision – to check that both eyes are working together. We then review your current spectacles and check the prescription and the condition and fit of the frame.

An important part of your eye examination at Respectacle Company is the complete examination of your eyes, so we can determine their overall health. This is an area that many people don’t consider when deciding whether they need a consultation or not, as many think that as they don’t need glasses they don’t need a check-up. But with our eye examinations we inspect both the inside and outside of the eyes. We assess the pressure of each eye and analyse the customer’s visual fields. We also take an image of the fundus and macula to check that everything is as it should be and record any changes from previous images.

Optical Coherence Tomography: a detailed 3D scan

At Respectacle Company we aim to offer you the best and most comprehensive examination available. * That’s why we have invested in Optical Coherence Tomography technology. Also known as an OCT scan, this is a state of the art camera which takes both a digital photograph and a three dimensional cross scan of the back of the eye.

The scan is painless, simple and quick. From the information gathered we can detect very subtle changes to the retina which is a great tool in diagnosing many eye conditions at a very early stage and a benchmark for any future changes shown with scans taken in the future.

An eye test is recommended every two years. If you are overdue an eye examination, or have noticed a change in your vision, please get in touch with us to arrange an appointment with our friendly optometrist Tim. We are also offering OCT scan appointments at our Market Harborough practice. You can contact us on 01858 433 577, pop into our shop on Manor Walk to make an appointment or simply fill out your details on our eye test appointment booking form.


*Please note some of the procedures carried out during the eye examination may carry an additional charge.